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General information and schedule of our Events:

The Monthly Mixed Teams aim at competitive teams; however, we welcome and encourage all players who enjoy high level competitions – the best way to become the best is to compete against the best.

All team events are played Monday-Friday with knockout-matches beginning from the second session Thursday.

The format depends on the number of participants. The qualification stage will be either a Swiss or a Round Robin.

Play begins at 16:30 CET / 10:30 EST daily and ends approximately at 23:00 CET / 5:00 PM EST with breaks in between.

The Monthly Mixed Teams provides daily bulletins by Christina Lund Madsen and you can follow all bids made and all cards played at all tables via Bridgeresults’ software. There will be certified international TD in all the events.

The Monthly Mixed Teams allows kibitzers for the sake of bridge players isolated at home during Covid. However this decision can at any time be revoked by the organisers.

For questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact

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